Not a Mother but….

Only an hour before we end Mother’s Day, my sweet husband gave me this…..


We are not parents, we do not have children of our own, but I am grateful that my husband does not want me to feel left out of today’s big celebration. We spent most of the day out as most Filipino families do during Sundays, we went to the nearest mall. Then in coffee and pastries our favorite coffee shop, then on a whim, I got to buy a new pair of sandals. 🙂

We also got to witness families celebrating Mother’s Day dining at restaurants, shopping and taking family pictures in the mall’s Mother’s Day celebration photo booth. Everyone was smiling and mothers carrying their big bouquet of flowers.

I miss my Mama more today. I miss her everyday. But I am celebrating Mother’s Day with my Mother’s only living sibling tomorrow with another cousin. The three of us will be bonding in our favorite beauty salon then a surprise lunch out for the family’s matriarch.

From my heart to yours, Happy Mother’s Day!



4 thoughts on “Not a Mother but….

  1. Bless you Carrie, I’m not a mother either, and my mum passed a few years ago. I love how you celebrate in your own way and see the beauty in the families around you. Hugs xx

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