Self Love Day 105

Day 105 – kindness


The world will really be a better place if everyone will practice kindness often.

This coming Monday, my country will be having another Presidential elections. There are five candidates for the highest position. Five platforms, five different personalities, five people promising change and improvement, five parties with their own agendas and supporters.

Actually I won’t be able to vote this year. I was still in Malaysia when the registration period was set. But now that I am home, I cannot help but notice how the supporters of these candidates fight over all forms of media. From radio networks to television networks to individual facebook posts and instagram accounts. From friends to my very own family.

I am very much aware that my country needs change and an iron will to bring it to the next level but for people to clamor for one person and expect change…..I don’t believe that will happen. Change must come from each and everyone of us. It should start from the self and hope to influence others. In my opinion, for change to take place it should first and foremost embrace kindness. To be kind to oneself is already difficult, multiply that to 100x, it will automatically result to chaos. But if everyone will take kindness to heart and pay it forward, change and improvement will result. I hope and pray that my country will have a clean and honest elections this coming Monday. And for the winning candidate, may he or she be blessed with kindness in his/her heart, may he/she be filled with compassion and may he/she be REALLY willing to serve, drive and lead our country for a better future.


2 thoughts on “Self Love Day 105

  1. We both find ourselves living in countries where we don’t get to vote for the next President. Incredibly frustrating, isn’t it? I don’t know about your candidates but there is a distinct lack of kindness on display in the electioneering here. It is depressing. I teach my children values like compassion and kindness, consideration of others, respect, and charity and these are all things lacking in the campaigns. Trump is in fact the antithesis to all of those values. It is depressing to be raising children in a country where enough people agree with that world view that he can be one party’s nominee.

    • That is just so sad Laura. Really frustrating. I can only pray for my country and for our future in the coming days. Truthfully, if I am given a chance to vote, I will have a difficult time choosing a candidate. To me, they all have hidden agendas for themselves and not really for the good of everyone. Sad.

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