To Duplicate or Not to Duplicate

I am a few weeks behind at Journal 52 but that’s okay. So for week 12 Effy’s prompt was emulate and Sarah’s alternate prompt was duplicate. For a change, I chose to do Sarah Trumpp‘s prompt. The instructions said to copy directly from a favorite artist. Try to get as close as possible. Truthfully, I do not have a favorite mixed media artists. I derive inspiration from many artists, even featured two of them here last year. From the time I started doing mixed media and jumping in the wagon of trying to draw faces, I have already promised myself to discover my own style. That was why it was so difficult for me to do this prompt. It would have been easier to choose Effy’s prompt but sometimes I wanted more complications from the challenge that is already on hand.


Copy. Xerox. Replicate.


I tried my best to copy Sarah’s work but I just have to make adjustments for my own sanity. I named her Hope, for she strengthened in me the conviction to pursue the journey to find, explore and celebrate my own style.


8 thoughts on “To Duplicate or Not to Duplicate

  1. I love how bold your colors are, and I think that you were right to give it your own twist! Keep enjoying your journey, that is the important thing.

  2. YAY for YOU! Keeping making art and your style will emerge! I have taken many online art classes Carrie Lynn and I too find it difficult to create in someone else’s style. It can be a good learning tool but I’m like you, I need to experiment in finding my own way! I love “Hope” – she looks ready to explore! 💕🎨😍

    • Oh wow thanks for the boost Jill! I’ve only taken one online class and have not finished it yet and won another and haven’t thought of starting. Hopefully one day soon I will. I am still enjoying the weekly challenges from two groups I joined earlier this year and my own watercolor journey. It is wonderful to learn from an online class but I am always torn to exploring and finding time to do my own thing rather than taking time to do the classes. Maybe its the eagerness to find ‘me’ in my art. I’m glad that my version speaks of being ready to examine all her options.

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