Self Love Day 129 – 131

Day 129


This was my self love square for last Sunday, the last day of our week long anniversary celebration. For a change, we decided that it would be wonderful to celebrate our fifteen years with family. We went on an overnight trip to Subic Freeport with my Aunt and cousins and had one of the best anniversaries ever.

Day 130


Yesterday’s self love was all about positive thinking. A conversation I had with one of my artistically inclined cousin strengthened my conviction to always think positive with regards to my different art journeys. She told me to continue on moving forward no matter how difficult the trials may be. That choosing the path to being a self-taught artist will entail more practice time, more road blocks, more frustrations, more sleepless nights, unreasonable personal criticisms and more self motivation. She reminded me that it is not wrong to celebrate mini success. That these successes fuel the motivation bug and will greatly help me move forward. She also told me to take mini breaks once in a while. That if I don’t feel like showing up for some practice time, its perfectly okay. Stepping back once in a while is also a great way to evaluate my work to see where I need more practice and where I have strengthened.

Day 131


I am slowly opening up myself again to our local art scene here. Why again? I was once active with my wire jewelry business but when I got asked to mass produce my creations and consider putting on a lesser price to my pieces (some by artists who wants to resell), I decided to quit the scene and just concentrate on commissioned work. Seven years had gone past and I think now is the proper time to make new friends with fellow artists who share the same outlook and passion. I am putting myself out there to meet other creatives not because I want to sell again. No. I am putting myself out there because I want to be able to share my story, my passion, my struggles, and my successes. I am still a beginner in most of my journeys and I want to be surrounded by people who have gone the same path or like me, is just starting. The journey will be much sweeter traveled with people who share the same dream.



Be Noble, Be Humble

Below is my journal page for Journal 52 week 15 . The prompt was provided for by Sarah Trumpp.


“Be humble for you are made of earth. be noble for you are made of starts”.

I’m happy to at least achieved what I planned for this page. A universe for the background and a bed of text strips for the white butterflies.

I originally made colorful butterflies but painted them again with white gesso to make them pop off the bed of tea soaked book text background. Then I added big stars on the universe background using a stencil and white gesso. Stamping and writing using a gelly roll white pen was the final touches.

Self Love Day 128

Day 128


Aww apologies for the blurred photo. 😦

Since I’m still in the anniversary mood, today I would like to celebrate the mini conversations my husband and I have through a mobile phone.

Like most husbands, mine is also a workaholic and spends a lot of time in the office and sometimes does field work. Thanks to mobile phones we get to talk about things that needed to be addressed via sms or a call. These small devices really make communication easy and convenient. And sometimes even when we are both at home and he is inside his ‘man cave’ and I am doing art in my small space in the living room, my husband will send sweet text messages out of the blue. And I respond via a text message too. 🙂

Happy weekend everyone! Send love notes to your love ones via sms, it will bring a smile to their faces!