Self Love Day 99

Day 99 – listen


Do you have the ability to listen? If I was asked this question two years ago, I would have said no, I don’t. But now, I think I can. Age, acceptance and aiming to be happy gave me the courage to listen to my heart more closely. It always tells the truth and the truth most times is frightening. Lately though, I have been battling something very close to my heart, something only time and space could see it through. So, this time I listened to my mind and made a decision to let go. There are just some people we have to let go and just wish them the best of luck.


5 thoughts on “Self Love Day 99

  1. I like Laura’s comment to you Carrie 🙂 Listening is an art – I took a course with that label when I was a young psychology student and it really is. The main ingredient I learned is to be truly interested in the other person. Not always easy – but a good self check point!

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