Self Love Day 97

Day 97 – occupy


What occupies your mind? Your time? This is something very personal but I’d like to share something in mind that occupies a lot of space. Lately, I am occupied with the thought of death. For the past weeks I have been dreaming of deaths in the family including my own. I don’t know why this is happening or if there is really a reason behind it. All I know is that I have to be prepared. Ever since we came back from Malaysia, I have been scouting for a reasonable memorial plan. One I could start paying for in installment plan. For some, this is a very morbid topic but I am a realist and I want to be ready. I think it would not hurt to be ready at all. Its a gift I will be giving myself.


6 thoughts on “Self Love Day 97

  1. oh I think about death often… It’s a good reminder that puts things in perspective. However, dreaming of it may just mean that you need to finish something and start something new. Does not necessarily mean a bad thing or a real death…

  2. Sometimes dreaming of death means your life is about to change – the death then being the loss of whatever it is that changes. This has happened to me several times when big changes occurred. Also of course, some people do have pre-cognitive dreams and it always a good plan to have our own endings attended to – it is a gift to those left behind who would otherwise have to attend to the details through their grief. I don’t know why some folk are so ‘allergic’ as you just put it to this topic. Though I think it’s probably fear.

    • I have been praying for a personal change for quite sometime now and maybe you are right. Hopefully, because that will mean a better me and a better look at life. I agree with you on fear being the reason behind people being allergic to the death topic. Many among my family and friends do not want to talk about it and there are those who are open to plan for it. Its really a mix of feelings and points of view.

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