Brush Lettering Wednesday

Below is the last set of words for the month of April at @togetherweletter over at instagram.

day 21


day 22


day 23


day 24


day 25


day 26


day 27


day 28


day 29


day 30


Materials used: Paper – ordinary copy paper; Ink – hydrus watercolor in indian red; Brush – pentel aquash, small

This week’s goals:

  • Determine my best writing position with a water brush
  • Try doing capital letters
  • Love my  own handwriting
  • Continue practicing

My experience:

  • It is easier for me to write in the straight position rather than the slightly slanting position (slanting position – rest, bloom, grand and straight position – ridiculous, spectacular)
  • Doing capital letters in my own handwriting is easier to do but it won’t hurt to learn how to beautify letters later on.
  •  I am slowly getting the hang of the small aquash brush. My writing arm does not hurt anymore and I can see confidence in every stroke.
  • Writing slowly really helps with handling the brush.
  •  Practice makes progress. I do not feel panic anymore every time I hold a water brush and start writing. That for me is one of the best thing that happened in this exercise.

I will continue this journey and share progress works every Wednesday. Maybe it will be wonderful to write my favorite quotes and biblical verses too. Stay tuned!


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