Colour Me Positive – Week 17 – Loving My Tribe

This week at Colour Me Positive is all about our tribe. Our friends. Our other family. Our sisters from another Mother.

My biggest set of friends was when I was in high school. We were 10 in the group we call CRACLSCAJJ from the initials of all our names. We all remained friends until now with our own families and lives. Though we seldom see each other, we are thankful to facebook for making connecting with each other much easier. And in 2012, we all gathered together to celebrate our 25th high school anniversary.

As I grew older my set of friends became smaller. One very sweet group was when I was still practicing nursing. Those nurses are full of life and adventure. We would all plan for beach outings, food fests and karaoke gigs. And as always we all have to part ways for life is calling on different directions. Still, we are all connected in one group over at facebook.

Then when I got married, I was introduced to a set of married couples who I could talk about the highs and lows of married life. These people are some of my closest friends. They add more color to the colorful married bliss.

Then there are friends who I met over the many groups I’ve joined online. My virtual friends. Friends who have witnessed my growth in the arts and crafts world. Some I have exchanged emails, snail mails and gifts with. Some I have shared actual conversations with even with the long phone lag.

So for all the friendships I cherish, cheers to more happiness, to good health, to a long and fruitful life, to more conversations, to more actual and virtual hugs and to more loving words of encouragement. This is for you.

mclc2016_cmp_17 (1)

Tried paper tearing and I’m glad it turned out well. Used black gesso, white gelly roll pen for the many friendship quotes I love, dylusions ink spray as watercolors, and letter stamps.

Thank you for being my friend/s. Thank you for the memories. Thank you for the love, care and support all these years. May we make more adventures and enjoy each other’s company.


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