Self Love Day 93

Day 93 – tolerate


For sometime now I have allowed other people’s quirks and just rode the ride with them. Today, I found out that it is all about the word tolerate. Before, I used to fuss about a lot of things. I don’t let things pass me by. I always always have something to say. I am and still is a very opinionated person but something changed and I can now live with the quirks, with the things I used to fuss over, with people who are non-conformist, with the weird and even with myself. My husband told me I’ve mellowed and I agree with him. Sweating the small stuff won’t help with anything positive.


3 thoughts on “Self Love Day 93

  1. Yes, I have mellowed on this with age too. Most stuff I just let glide off me but I must admit there are still some things and some views others express that I just cannot tolerate. I guess I cannot tolerate intolerance.

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