Self Love Day 92

Day 92-pain


Have you ever experienced pain? This is something very subjective. It could be a physical or an emotional thing and depending on the person’s pain threshold.  As human beings we are subjected to pain almost everyday of our lives. And as we grow older we get from every day existence clues to avoid and minimize pain. Even with two operations (physical pain), heartaches and deaths in my family (emotional pains ), I could still see through the pain I went through as teaching moments. Moments that lead me to know what I am made of and capable of handling. Blessed.


2 thoughts on “Self Love Day 92

  1. I have experienced both intense physical pain and intense emotional pain so I can relate to what you have written here too. Everything I experience is a part of who I am, what made me become me, and I tend to think that we have to accept the troughs in life if we are going to embrace the peaks.

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