Self Love Day 91

Day 91 – complain


I complain a lot when I was younger and right up to until one and a half years ago. Guilty. Always have been. Then right on cue, one day when I woke up I told myself it has to stop. And from that time on, I saw things differently, more positively. Its not too late to change. Not too late at all.


4 thoughts on “Self Love Day 91

  1. I am a complainer but I don’t just moan without purpose. I will complain to my husband about things just in order to decompress in which case the purpose of the complaining is catharsis so that I can just let it all go. I also complain when I think the complaint might effect change and lead to improvement. By way of example, I therefore don’t subscribe to the British cultural tradition of saying everything is fine with a meal when actually it was inedible. I provide constructive criticism in the hopes that improvements will be made and better food and service provided to the next customer.

    • Yes, agree with you. I am like that too but there are moments when I complain about little things. I get irritated immediately with mundane things before. I don’t know why but one day it kind of got me too. I took the road to positivity and let the mundane things slip. Life is easier and brighter now.

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