Self Love Day 90

Day 90 – worrier


Are you are worrier? Do you have a tendency to think ahead and worry at the same time? Yes, I am. I am a worrier. Maybe because I do not like the idea of being not in control. I dislike being blind-sided. I do not want to be faced with something that I do not have a plan of action for. Maybe that’s how I was raised. Maybe that’s because I am the eldest among four siblings. Maybe that’s just I am made of. I like things to be discussed ahead of time. Am I weird? Does this trait make me less of a person? I don’t know. One thing I do know, it never fails to be prepared all the time. And my cry, no untoward life surprises please.


6 thoughts on “Self Love Day 90

  1. Yep! That’s me! You said exactly what my husband says to me all the time. I just want to be prepared. If you think about it/worry about everything ahead of time then you aren’t surprised by something really hard to deal with.

    • Very much agree with you. I think we women are all guilty of this. We don’t want to be surprised by life. Then again, nothing is really wrong with being prepared. 🙂

  2. Snap! I too am a worrier and it’s deeply connected to me being a control freak. I worry about things not going to plan so I have a back up plan and then a back up plan for of that back up plan goes wrong. At least worrying makes me productive.

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