Brush Lettering Wednesday

Here is another set of words for the third month of April from @togetherweletter over at instagram.

Day 14


Day 15


Day 16


Day 17


Day 18


Day 19


Day 20


Materials used: Paper – ordinary copy paper; Brush –  pentel aquash, small; Ink –  hydrus watercolor in hansa deep yellow

This week’s goals:

  • try using ordinary copy paper
  • try using a smaller nib water brush

My experience:

  • My water brush glided smoothly with the ordinary copy paper compared to when I used  watercolor paper (canson) last week.
  • The smaller nib water brush is more flexible compared to the synthetic brush (cotman size 2 brush) used last week.
  • Instead of drawing in my helping lines, I placed a sheet of intermediate pad under my copy paper to serve as guidelines.
  • Over all, I am quite pleased with this week’s practice. No stiffness from my writing arm, no difficulty handling the brush (I think I found the right water brush nib to practice with, though I still have one other brush to try :-)), and only slight difficulty with controlling the upper thin strokes.

Next week I will be posting more than seven words as it will be the final week for #togetherweletter. But I plan to continue on dedicating my Wednesdays for brush lettering practice. I think I will put on my big girl’s shoes and try writing longer words.



4 thoughts on “Brush Lettering Wednesday

  1. I love your lettering. My students at work are always saying to me…”What’s that letter?” I dont really mind my handwriting, but I just cant read it and neither can my students.

    • Thank you. But you know what I am the only one who understands my handwriting too. If you could see my idea notebook, its always in chaos. Learning how to do brush lettering is helping me write legibly.

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