Self Love Day 87

Day 87 – brayer


To cap my favorite art supplies theme for the week, today’s self love is about my brayer. Whenever I use acrylic paint in my journal, I sometimes use the brayer to spread paint. Most times I love the oblong shaped spot effect it produces. Also when I apply weight, the lines on the sides of the brayer appear in the journal, that is additional texture for me. But most of all, when used with white acrylic paint, the image underneath becomes worn out, semi dirty and rough.

have you played with your brayer lately?


6 thoughts on “Self Love Day 87

  1. I’m having a self-love week, year maybe lol
    I haven’t played with anything but I did hold my brayer last night and reminisce with it ;P
    There WILL BE playing this week however!

  2. I actually own three brayers. My very best one is just for Lino block printing. I then have a decent one I use for mixed media stuff and one that’s past its best that I let the kids use when we are Gelli plate printing. They are a useful tool.

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