Self Love Day 86

Day 86 – planner/ journal book


Since my theme for this week is all about my favorite art supplies, how could I not dedicate one day for the one thing I often use my supplies on. My planner/journal book for this year is a moleskine sketchbook, colored red and in medium size. I had a really good experience with the bigger size sketchbook I used for my mixed media projects last year that I promised myself to get the smaller one for this year. When open, the right side of my book is for my planner set-up, incorporating the 1 in. x 1 in. boxes for self love 365, schedules, doodles, ideas and paper mementos. On the left side are weekly artworks for Colour Me Positive. Two year long projects in one book is a first for me and I am happy to share that my book is looking busy, colorful and so alive.


7 thoughts on “Self Love Day 86

  1. Another sweet little painting. I’ve only filled one journal and one altered book so far but I enjoy flipping through them and remembering the creativity involved. Your current journal sounds like it’s going to be jam-packed with creativity.

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