The Little Things that Matter – #12 – Why Share?

I often ask myself this question, why do I share my art? And often, this quotes from Katarina Wong and Jeanne Oliver sums up what is in my heart.



I share my art because I want my family, friends (both real and virtual) to see a glimpse of who I am, what makes me me, what makes me awake at night, what makes my heart sing. I share my art because I want to educate people to be aware, to feel, to be involved with themselves and others as I do when I make art. I want to share my art because I cannot contain the happiness I feel when I plan, execute and finish my work. In my book, happiness should always be shared. I want to share my art because I am someone you cannot put inside a closet and revel inside it alone.

Art should be felt, experienced and shared.

We can all benefit from each other, learn from each other and understand each other extensively if we only allow ourselves to share.

Have you shared something from your heart lately?



4 thoughts on “The Little Things that Matter – #12 – Why Share?

  1. I always share from my heart 🙂 be it happiness or some other feeling, like my last post was about rage… It’s funny to see how people reacted and said it was beautiful, while I was so pissed off when making it that I almost tore the paper… It’s interesting to know that feelings we have about a piece of art can be so different… Why do I share? I enjoy interaction with people, I enjoy seeing what other people do, I love giving support to people and I like receiving it too :). What I also like is looking back at my posts and reading the stories I wrote about pages I made. It’s like reading your journal from the past. Makes me feel good 🙂

    • I totally agree with everything you wrote Larisa. It is very interesting and exciting to know the emotions evoked by our art. And yes of course the interactions, and the friendships we develop along with our own journey. Like you I also look back at my own journals, sometimes to be inspired, most times to know how I was feeling back then. These visual diaries we have are treasures from our hearts.

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