Self Love Day 85

Day 85 – stencils


Self love today is about stencils. Stencils were one of the first few materials I ordered when I was planning on jumping on the bandwagon of mixed media. My Little Attic,  a local online store owned by a dear scrapbooking friend was were I got my first stencils.

Most times to conquer the fear of the white space I use stencils with acrylic paint. By doing so, I have already achieved two things, (1) I won’t have a white space anymore because of the paint and (2) I have already added texture because of the stencil image. From there I would develop my page to where I envisioned it to look and or sometimes I just use more stencils to cover up more white spaces. I have experimented stencils with acrylic paint, dylusions ink sprays, and oil pastels and the results were all marvelous. Stencils are definitely one material I cannot not have and play with.


2 thoughts on “Self Love Day 85

    • Oh your comment just blew my mind. Thank you for the vote of confidence. Stenciling is a constant learning experience from me. I want to believe I am more good at hiding my bloopers and highlight the good ones. 🙂

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