Imaginary Creature

Week 11 prompt over at Journal 52 is all about our favorite imaginary creature. The prompt was provided for by Sarah Trumpp.

I do not have a favorite imaginary creature per se but I have been cooking up a creature in mind for quite sometime now. I have been taking notes of my ideas on how to develop my character/creature and it was very timely that a  prompt from Journal 52 fits. And now without more ado, here is my yellow haired, big eyed octopus-like creature.


She is a mixed media painting using watercolors, an ink pad, charcoal and white acrylic paint. I love how she turned out. Not too scary, though if you ask me, I wanted a more scarier character. Hopefully when I get the hang on how to make faces more scarier, I could tweak her or better yet make a new one, but for now, I plan to do a happy dance once this post is finished.





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