Self Love Day 83

Day 83 – inktense blocks, oil pastels and hydrus watercolor


I will never miss including these materials in my list of favorite art supplies. Oil pastels were the first supplies I got from our local bookstore and had used them mostly in my ICAD projects. Then I was introduced to inktense pencils by one of the members of Documented Life Project back in 2014 and got both pencils and blocks. I fell more in love with the blocks and have been using them for both big and small projects. Then there is the dr. ph martin’s  hydrus watercolors. These watercolors were my first set of fine art watercolors. I do not use them often but the few times I did were magical. Their colors are so vibrant.

I have not explored the full potential of these supplies yet. The journey is still on and I am excited for the days ahead.


3 thoughts on “Self Love Day 83

  1. Another great wee painting. At first glance, they looked like precious stones. Quite apt for art supplies, I think. I love my Intense pencils and blocks and use them a lot. I have had the Dr Ph Martin’s products on my wish list for a long time, even when I lived back in Scotland. Maybe some day I will actually treat myself to them.

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