Brush Lettering Wednesday

To continue with the word prompts from @togetherweletter over at instagram, here is another week of experimentation.

Day 7


Day 8


Day 9


Day 10


Day 11


Day 12


Day 13


Materials Used: Paper – canson 200gsm; Ink – dr. ph maartin’s hydrus in permanent red; Brush – winsor and newton cotman round 2

This week’s goals were:

  • use a round brush instead of the previous water brush
  • use helping lines
  • use undiluted watercolors

My experience:

  • The round brush is difficult to manipulate compared to a water brush.
  • The bristles of the round I used were more stiff than the bristles of the water brush.
  • Maybe with constant practice, I would eventually get the hand of the round brush.
  • If you would look closely in the word celebrate, my helping lines are still visible. The lines indeed helped a lot. I was able to write my word straighter. With the succeeding words, no helping lines were used. I just enjoyed writing and entertained some what if questions.
  • In the word season, I tried to write in print form to see if the brush will be easier to use, still it was difficult.Maybe because I was writing big, next time I will try to write it in smaller form.
  • In the word pencil, I wrote the word with the paper and my writing hand in slanting position. I wanted to see if it will be easier to learn light upper strokes and heavier down strokes used in the copperplate calligraphy strokes.  It somehow made writing easier but as I am not used to that position, my writing hand eventually became stiff.
  • Finally, with the word study, you will see how shaky my hand is and where my brush does not touch the paper and how I went back for it especially between U and D and the tail of the letter Y.

There were a lot of lessons learned in this week’s lettering session. Practice really is the key. I am glad to embark on this journey and see how my handwriting will unfold. Till next Wednesday! Happy writing!


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