Self Love Day 82

Day 82 – paint brushes


I am laughing my heart out with this tiny rendition of my paint brushes. I’ve already spent a lot of time trying my best to get the right sketch to no avail. So, instead of being frustrated I’m just laughing it off to experience. Letting go and enjoying the process.

Most of my brushes are already old (still the first set of synthetic brushes I got in 2014) and worn out but still functioning. I have not cleaned them with the proper cleaning agents only with regular kitchen detergent and water. Sometimes when I do not feel like creating anything, I find myself staring at these brushes, as if they have a treasure of stories to share with me.


2 thoughts on “Self Love Day 82

  1. I think the sketch is sweet. I also think you need to be kinder to yourself when working on such a tiny scale. I have some nice brushes I use for watercolour but my acrylic and mixed media brushes are awful looking.

    • Thank you! Oh I was already being kind to myself when I laughed it off and let go. You should have seen me before, I was miss perfect and it only brought heartache and psoriasis. Now, I remind myself to just laugh and let go. 🙂

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