Self Love Day 81

Day 81 – acrylic paints


This week’s self love will be all about my favorite art supplies. Today’s feature is about acrylic paints. I only have a few bottles of acrylic paints, most of them from apple barrel and folkart. I fell in love with acrylic paints when I started with Documented Life Project in 2014. To tell you the truth I have not explored the full potential of my paints. I did not even bother making a swatch chart for them, more so, experimenting with color mixes. But I try to use them as often in my journals and have experimented with using them on different watercolor papers. These paints are my go to materials when I do big art pieces mainly because I love the texture they create when you apply then thin and thick. So, yes they deserve a spot in my self love journey.


2 thoughts on “Self Love Day 81

  1. The colours in this little painting are really pleasing, as is the repetition of the bottle shapes. I had rarely used acrylic paint before I started art journaling so I am still very much learning and developing in my ability with them.

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