Self Love Day 78

Day 78 – two pens and a pencil


Today’s self love is a continuation of my favorite planner pens. The sketches above is a depiction of my zig cocoiro pen, uni pin pigment ink pen and my ever reliable faber castell mechanical pencil.

Zig cocoiro pens have been such a hit for people who are into calligraphy. I first learned about it from a close art friend. She is crazy about them and other pens as well. I put off getting myself one for the reason that I was already very happy with my pitt pens. Then one day at the local bookstore, as I passed by zig’s rack, the pen bodies and their refills are on sale. Its a sign I thought! Ha! It was a good reason to try something new. 🙂 I got myself a kiwi colored body and a hard tip in royal blue. From the moment I started using it, I never went back to my usual ballpoint pen. The cocoiro writes so smoothly plus I also have an option to change the tip to a brush tip. Now, that was a great sale steal!

Before the pitt pens, there were uni pins. These pens are forever available in our local bookstore since the time I started scrapbooking in 2003  So it was just natural to gravitate to them when I started art journaling in 2014. These pens are water and fade proof, comes in different nib sizes and is manufactured by Mitsubishi Pencil Co. LTD. Though they claim to be water proof, I’ve had some incidences where they smeared when water was applied. After that I did not try my luck with using watercolors with the uni pin ever again. I limited my use of these pens in planner entries and if I use them with my mixed media projects, I make sure that everything is dry for over 24 hours.

Lastly, my faber castel mechanical pencils. I first discovered them in Kuala Lumpur at the Faber Castell booth in Suria KLCC. I immediately fell in love with their smallest point at 0.35 in HB. Got two sets of the 0.35 for myself and a dear friend plus a few more refills and an additional 1.0 in B. Until now, these are the pencils I use when I sketch.



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