Colour Me Positive – Week 14

Week 14 –  “Once you choose hope, anything can happen.”

I am not a collage person simply because I do not know how to go about the mechanics of doing a collage piece. But this week’s inspirational quote is all about hope and I would want to believe that somehow I should never loose hope in learning how the art of gluing different materials work. As a beginner, I know I will feel overwhelmed with having many different paper materials to chose from. So I only took two samples, pieces of an old book and pages from a music book both aged with tea. Aging my selected papers took some time but that was fine by me. My first idea was to draw a half face over my collage pieces and paint over them with acrylics but I changed my mind at the last minute when gluing was done simply because I fell in love with the old feel of the papers and the texture it created from the gel medium. The simplest thing for me to do, to preserve the old beauty, was to let the page as is and just add a focal point which I did with the stencil heart and smudged charcoal, added the word hope using an alpha stamp and used splatters and inked the edges with dylusions ink sprays. I think  not loosing hope was one of the best decisions I did for a journal page. I’m in cloud nine.



6 thoughts on “Colour Me Positive – Week 14

  1. Well you know I am going to adore the spatter on this page but I also love the texture and the way the vintage feel of the text papers contrasts with the almost graffiti art feel of your hearts and the border.

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