Week 10 prompts at Journal 52 were all things that could emerge from the winter that were coming through spring and those that remain in the underworld. Again, I chose the prompt from Effy, emerge.


This was the first page that I tried to journal all my thoughts about the word emerge. I didn’t know that the exercise will help my heart to be at peace and my mind to be relaxed. I think it was a sort of therapy for me. I took inspiration from Effy’s page and added my own twist. I wanted to have an african inspired girl with a butterfly half wing decorated in doodles. Used 0.5 micron pen to outline and inktense blocks to color. I love how this page turned out. I love that I did not hide my journal entry and allowed it to add texture to the page. To finish, I stamped on the word emerge on another piece of paper, cut it letter by letter and inked the edges and laid them side by side on my girl’s chest.


6 thoughts on “Emerge

  1. I love what the text adds to the layering in your piece. I am not brave enough to put my personal thoughts and feelings down in words in my art journal. I am too private and intimidated. So I commend you for just going for it. Good for you! I love all the asymmetrical elements in this page.

    • Thank you, Laura. I too am private that was why I went with writing everything in script with no space, commas and period. It was a very liberating thing t do, sort of a therapy.

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