Self Love Day 74

This week’s self love will be all about my planner essentials. I have been enjoying the planner/art journal in one book concept of the Art to the 5th ladies when they started Documented Life Project in 2014 and thus continued the idea on with my own journal.

The left side of my moleskine sketchbook is the planner side where one by one inch squares for self love are also incorporated and the right side is for the art journal part where inspirational quotes from Colour Me Positive of Lulu Arts are being used as prompts.

Day 74 – circle label stickers


I often color and decorate these label stickers before I adhere them onto my planner. Often the dates of the day are being stamped on them or sometimes I practice doodle around them. Its always fun to play and experiment with these label stickers. They are often the papers I use when I gelli print. Nothing goes to waste.


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