What to Love, What to Hate

Week 9 at Journal 52 is about things that you love or hate in a journal page. Since I started art journaling two years ago, never once did I have something I hated in a journal page. So for week 9, I opted to just use the words love and hate and make a spread from there. What I did was experiment with three colors I don’t usually use, lime green, purple velvet, calypso sky and white from folkart. I applied the lime green first, then the purple velvet and randomly calypso sky and white. At first I thought it was a bad call to follow lime green with purple velvet, that I was creating a mud pool, but it turned out okay and I liked how they compliment each other. Calypso sky and white gave that much needed touch of pop for the whole page. Then to finish, I used a simple arrow stamp and a Tim Holtz cargo stencil in white and black acrylic paints to complete my prompt.



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