Self Love Day 70

Day 70 – mobile phone


I am smiling at myself as I am typing. Does the sketch look like a mobile phone? Lol! This is the best I could muster looking at my Huawei 5yc. I think I have the most basic android phone ever. As long as it gets me to send sms and call someone, and my most used apps are up and about, I don’t bother about the other apps that needs to be online to run. I love how basic my phone is. It fits in my palm perfectly and is easy to use. I think I am the only member in our big family who has the most minimal internet phone usage when out of the home. Funny how my cousins will roll their eyes and make a face at me for not being online every time. Oh my, but I love my time alone. I love the silence around me. I love that I am not always tied to my phone and hustle every time it sounds or makes a ring. Though it is a part of my everyday bag or sometimes the only thing I bring with my keys, it is something I can live without for a couple of days.


2 thoughts on “Self Love Day 70

  1. I had a mobile phone when I lived in Scotland but it was for emergencies – like breaking down in the car in the middle of nowhere – so I hardly ever switched it on. Then I moved here where I didn’t know where I was going, didn’t know anyone, needed to google stuff constantly, and I really appreciated the fact that my husband had gotten me a smartphone. It is very useful to have a wee computer in my pocket.

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