Exploring the Wisdom from Skulls

For my Journal 52 week 8, I took after the alternate prompt by Sarah Trumpp. I’ve always been working prompts by Effy Wild and thought why not do a prompt by Sarah.

I have been fascinated with skulls ever since science class in high school and that class lead me to consider taking up Medicine in college. I did enroll in pre-med and had enjoyed two wonderful years studying chemistry, but life took a turn and I ended up having a one on one conversation with my father, who convinced me to take up an allied medical course, nursing. No regrets. I am a proud member of the nursing family.

So, back to week 8’s prompt, skulls. When I read the prompt, I already knew what to do. I wanted to make a face with half of it in skull form and the other half, not a pretty face. I wanted a face that will look weird just as a skull looks eerie, ghostly, strange. I was pleased when I finished this piece. The use of one color made it more unnatural and creepy.




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