Colour Me Positive – Week 12

Week 12 -“Until you spread your wings you’ll never know how far you can fly.”


Yesterday, Resurrection Sunday, after Church service, I spent the rest of the day making art. I made this and started on another one. For my Colour Me Positive week 12 project, I wanted to experiment on the stamp on stamp look, so I picked out three stamps and layered them on top of another. I was pleased with how the page looked. It was messy to say the least but if you know me, I am a mix of very clean and very messy pages. So, a messy page was not a problem at all. 🙂

Drawing my girl was the happiest as well as difficult part of this project, I have not been drawing faces for quite sometime. I know I need practice, MORE practice. But as anyone would say, just draw and carry on. I did and I am happy with the outcome. When the drawing a the erasing were done. The happy part started in no time. Even when I was still drawing her, I already know that I wanted to use the dylusions inks sprays as watercolour to give my girl the brightest colors in my stash. I repeated the coloring twice just to achieve the bright look. I added white and gold dots using signo pens.

It was a Resurrection Sunday well spent!


4 thoughts on “Colour Me Positive – Week 12

  1. I think the effect of the layered stamps is great. It creates a really grungy background that provides a really interesting contrast to the flowing lines an bright colours of the face you painted. Using the spray inks as watercolour was a nifty idea too.

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