Self Love Day 62

Day 62 – mobile phone camera


Who does not love their mobile phone camera?

This is one of my most used mobile apps. I use it everyday to take pictures for my self love journey. I have had a love-hate relationship with it since I have shaky hands and take blurred photos. Thankfully the project is done on 1 in x 1 in size box. Taking photos has never been easier. Though using it with my other projects is another trial and error story.


4 thoughts on “Self Love Day 62

  1. I have been amazed twice by my phone camera. The first time I was taking photos of fireworks. I had my DSLR camera with me but my pictures were blurry without a tripod. I took photos of the fireworks at night with my cell the the photos were clear and bright. I was shocked. Then recently I put my camera phone to the test. I took a photo of a boat dock in total darkness. There was only one small light. The photo was beautiful. I will try and post one of those photos on my blog next Monday. Great image!!

  2. I’ve recently come to appreciate my phone camera. My DSLR suddenly died and I would have completely panicked over having no camera had I not had my phone to fall back on. I’ve now replaced my proper camera (because I’m not very good at phone photos – I need more control) but I’m glad I have a camera on me wherever I go because of my phone. It’s great for spontaneous shots, hurriedly having to capture an unexpected moment.

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