Self Love Day 57

Day 57 – instagram icon


Instagram had been a great source of inspiration for anything that tickles your fancy. I have been a lurker at the IG community for the longest time and had only been active for a number of months. I have been developing and enjoying friendships from different people from different countries. The substance of artworks at the IG community will last my imagination a lifetime of stimulus. I am happy to be part of the growing community.


3 thoughts on “Self Love Day 57

  1. In terms of social media, I only do blogging and Facebook. Unless Pinterest counts even though there is no interaction? People often tell me I should join Instagram because I take so many photos but I don’t take them with my phone and more importantly I just don’t have time for any more online activity. I am told it is chock full of inspirational images though.

    • I was overwhelmed with instagram at first that’s why I lurked for so long. Then out of the blue I became inactive with some of my facebook groups and just jumped in the IG madness. So far, I am enjoying it and loving all the inspiring photos.

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