Brush Lettering Practice

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon cutting my canson watercolor paper from its 9in x 12in size to postcard size of 4in x 6in. The activity was so repetitive that my mind drifted to my purpose, to resume practicing my brush lettering skills. This were my output.


Paper: Cancon watercolor paper 200gsm; Brush: pentel aquash, fine tip; Ink: sumi drawing ink placed inside the barrel of water brush

I had a difficulty with the water brush. My right shoulder and fingers were stiff when I finished the exercise. I was experimenting, I was practicing the light and hard strokes (sorry not so familiar with the terms yet), I was modifying my handwriting, I was so so  excited. It seemed so easy when calligraphers do their thing in videos but oh so difficult for a beginner like me. But I will carry on and continue. I am excited to know how this journey will take shape.



Quote from someone I follow at instagram; Paper: canson watercolor paper 200gsm; Pen: Koi coloring brush pen

The koi brush pen was quite easy to use. I used it as though I was using a regular ball point pen. Comparing the two practice sheets, I liked the koi’s result better, maybe because I had more control of the pen. The perfectionist in me, I guess.

I am slowly accepting my kind of handwriting. I could not change it anymore but I can, hopefully with more practice, improve it.

There are a lot of very generous people in instagram who post very helpful videos. I am positive that they will continue to inspire me to keep on the journey and eventually be totally in love with my own handwriting. Wish me luck!


Colour Me Positive – Week 13

Week 13 – “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” –Marcel Proust

I literally interpreted the quote and had a great time sketching eyes and coloring. I used inktense blocks and layered one color after another, black acrylic paint for the pupils and white acylic for the highlights. Also discovered that it was difficult putting on eye make-up. Lol! Sorry not a fan of eye make-up 🙂 but yes to luscious, creamy lipsticks.


Happy Thursday everyone! May this be one of your grandest days!

Self Love Day 70

Day 70 – mobile phone


I am smiling at myself as I am typing. Does the sketch look like a mobile phone? Lol! This is the best I could muster looking at my Huawei 5yc. I think I have the most basic android phone ever. As long as it gets me to send sms and call someone, and my most used apps are up and about, I don’t bother about the other apps that needs to be online to run. I love how basic my phone is. It fits in my palm perfectly and is easy to use. I think I am the only member in our big family who has the most minimal internet phone usage when out of the home. Funny how my cousins will roll their eyes and make a face at me for not being online every time. Oh my, but I love my time alone. I love the silence around me. I love that I am not always tied to my phone and hustle every time it sounds or makes a ring. Though it is a part of my everyday bag or sometimes the only thing I bring with my keys, it is something I can live without for a couple of days.