Self Love 365 day 51

Day 51 – my nieces and nephews


Today’s self love is dedicated to my nieces and nephews. I am blessed to be an Auntie to eighteen beautiful boys and girls. The oldest at 27 and youngest at 4 months. I have enjoyed beautiful kisses, long hugs and the funniest conversations with these kids. Blessed to be given the opportunity to be their Aunt, to be entertained by their different personalities, to be able available to them as a second parent and to have loved them unconditionally.


6 thoughts on “Self Love 365 day 51

  1. Lovely! I love being an auntie too. I was just five when I became an aunt for the first time and now I have loads of nieces and nephews (overwhelmingly mainly nephews) and I’m even a Great-Aunt to four children aged between 1 and 10. One of the hardest parts of deciding to emigrating was knowing I wouldn’t see my nieces and nephews as much.

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