Happiness in a Donut Part 2

Every week I try my best to do at least one watercolor study using a variety of inspirations. This week I did two. One was the orchid flower inspired by my husband’s photo and yesterday I finished another donut this time inspired by J. Co’s Choco Caviar Chocolate Donut.


I chose the choco caviar from J.Co because I was challenged to see if I could redraw and color it as realistically as possible. The highlights made by the lights in the donut’s sample photo was/is a steep curve ball for a beginner like me. I needed the challenge to learn, grow and see my full potential. Here is my redrawn donut in watercolor.


Drawing alone was already difficult. I wanted to learn but I also wanted to feel relaxed as I learn, so I did not fuss about counting the exact amount of caviar nor drew the exact shape of each one. I knew if I aimed for that I would end up frustrated, angry and without any studying done at all. Next was making it look three dimensional. I mostly often see things in 2D but my husband encourages me to see in 3D. He told me training my eyes early in the learning process will greatly help. I had to admit, it was a very difficult task to include with the things I already wanted to do. Despite that, I tried my best. Also, I don’t have an opaque white watercolor for the highlights. That alone should have given me the signal to choose another subject and veer away from anything that needed highlights, again I did not. Because, I wanted to learn. So instead of making a big scene out of not having white opaque watercolor, I used white, ivory and light flesh colored pencils. No one said that improvising was not allowed. πŸ™‚

Happy weekend everyone! Have a donut. πŸ˜‰




6 thoughts on “Happiness in a Donut Part 2

  1. I love your donut. I am trying my hand at watercolors right now. I was hoping to finish it and post it this past Friday but work got in the way. Your watercolor technique looks so precise. My watercolor looks very messy. You mentioned to Larisa in the comment above that you were going to add her comment to your idea notebook. May I ask what your idea notebook looks like and what do you put in it?

    • Thank you, Jade. I am also new to using watercolors, specifically the pan set and tube ones. I have used and is still using derwent aquatone sticks and they really are very easy to use. I mainly use them with my drawings for Self Love 365. Derwent inktense blocks is also a favorite because of its vibrant colors and ease of use, just like the aquatone sticks. I am using winsor and newton half pan set for the two donuts and the orchid flower I did. I am having a difficult time with them since I’m not using a water brush unlike when I was using the sticks and blocks. Now I have to manually add water to my pigment to achieve the shade that I want. That alone is already confusing for me. On top of the color mixing, I am also learning the different kinds of watercolor papers available. Right now as I am still practicing, I am using a 200 gsm moleskine watercolor journal which I tore and cut into small pieces, a 140gsm monologue A6 sketchbook which is very small and easy to use and the daler rowney 300 gsm aquafine watercolor paper. In my experience all three buckled when I add more water. My idea notebook is a passport size midori travelers notebook. I put every inspiring thing I learn from research and other people in it. My favorite quotes and project ideas go in there. Advises/inputs from other creatives I put in there. My idea notebook is also my brain dump notebook. I chose the passport size midori travelers notebook since its small and can fit into my jeans back pocket and I don’t have to worry if an idea comes to mind or if someone shares creative information. I hope this helped. πŸ™‚

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