Happiness in an Orchid

Since the evening of the 23rd, I was and still am in happiness heaven because of this.


Three days ago I was thrilled to asked my husband if I could browse from his flickr account for a flower to help me in my journey with watercolors. Not only did he said yes, he asked me to try a specific flower, an orchid.

When I saw the flower I felt confident that I could do it without so much fuss. I think the brave, confident and fearless angel was sitting on top of my right shoulder at that moment. However, when I started sketching, even  on a small sketch pad (I used a monologue sketchpad A6) I fond myself doubting, fear crawling up my drawing hand and thinking of looking for another flower in his collection. I showed my husband the sketched flower and he encouraged me to continue and reminded me that this is a learning opportunity be it a small or like in this case a big curve ball. So I went back to my art space, sat down again and worked on this orchid until it was finished.

What came out of my work was not a perfect replica of my husband’s photo but I was and still am so happy that I took the challenge and took that leap for progress. Best decision I ever did in this journey. This was the first collaborative work I did with my husband. I am happy to use his photos as reference for learning and for discovering how resilient I am.


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