Self Love 365 Day 39

Day 39 – affirm


Since we just celebrated Valentine’s Day yesterday, this week’s self love is about how to love yourself and others. Today, I affirm that I will continue on with the projects I started and joined in this year. I have two weekly projects, Colour Me Positive and Journal 52 and one daily project, Self Love 365 which is spearheaded by Belinda Fireman and my personal projects. I am declaring my commitment to these projects as part of my short term and long term goals in my art. The weekly projects are manageable as I’ve had a two year practice with doing Documented Life Project. With self love, doing daily art even in a small scale was frightening and at the same time challenging. Β I only gave myself two weeks with a 30min-1 hour window to see what could inspire me for that day. That two weeks were easy, I was eager to start the year and had lots of ideas. As I continued on, I realized that the project is really frightening. My mind had raced back and forth to come up with ideas to get a head start. But I know that getting a head start will defeat the purpose of the project. So, everyday from that third week of January, I go in my playroom and let my senses, experiences and memories lead me to create something for myself. I do not know if I can last until the last day of this year. I can only try and today, I am affirming my commitment to this daily project, frightened or not, I will try my very best, because, this for me and this will help me grow.

7 thoughts on “Self Love 365 Day 39

  1. Thank you for sharing your thought process. Sometimes I think that if something scares me or intimidates me then that is precisely why I should do it, because of the opportunity for growth and discovery it presents. I think doing a daily project more spontaneously is a good idea.

    • Thank you, Laura. Everyday I remind myself that I am learning to be brave for putting myself out here for everyone to read, critic, appreciate and learn from. It is scary but I will not move forward if I won’t try and see where the journey will take me. People like you has helped, encouraged and inspired me a lot in this journey, how could I say no to the challenge. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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