Self Love 365 Day 28

Day 28 – tangle pattern, baton


This tangle pattern is named Baton by CZT Carole Ohl.

This reminds me of our parquet flooring in one of the rooms in our home in the province. I was always fascinated by the pattern of our flooring and was often seen in my school projects. I would give them rainbow colors and  my teachers would ask me where in the world I got the idea of the design and I’d tell them that its from our flooring. They would then give me an amazed look and tell me to carry on. Those where the days – memorable happy days.


4 thoughts on “Self Love 365 Day 28

  1. I’ve been drawing a pattern like this for decades and now I know it has a name. I love parquet flooring but I’m glad I don’t have any. My in-laws had a hard time finding some to repair their parquet floor when they moved into their present house and turn had a hard time fitting it.

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