Are you craving for a donut?

Yes I am. I have been since the start of this week and unfortunately I am now pre-diabetic. My physician told me that I am still in the control stage and she hopes I could sustain to be in that category for much longer. Instead of indulging my craving, I took out my pencil, eraser and watercolors and drew a donut. Since I am very fond of the japanese donuts by Gavino’s Donuts, I opted to choose from their menu and chose strawberry sprinkles which looks like this.


Image courtesy of Gavino’s Donuts

And this my version.


I used a 3.5 in x 5 in moleskine paper from the moleskine watercolour journal I massacred last year and cut into different sizes. This was also the first time I took out and used my winsor and newton half pan set which I have saved for and got at Art Friend in KL before we traveled back to Manila and of course, my trusty white signo pen. Even with all the first times and new paper size, I am quite satisfied by my work. There are still a lot of things to be learned and things to experiment on. This is a new thing and it poses a lot of possibilities. I am excited. Now, maybe I need to try and see if I can do justice with one my favorite J.Co donuts.




6 thoughts on “Are you craving for a donut?

    • Thank you! I had a lot to learn from this, amount of water and hand control were the bomb. Using a waterbrush is easier to use than an actual watercolour brush. More practice needed but making it brought a big smile on my face.

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