Self Love 365 Day 53

Day 53 – wordpress icon


Today’s self love is dedicated to my word press family. About 3 days ago, February 26, I celebrated my two year anniversary with WordPress. I am grateful to have a platform to share my art and my thoughts about them. Also grateful to have met and interacted with different people who share a lot for arts and crafts. The last two years with WordPress had been great and exciting. I look forward to another year full of surprises, new friendships, inspirations and hassle free blogging activities.


Self Love 365 Day 52

Day 52 – my one and only


Today, the last Sunday of the love month, I dedicate self love to my one true love, my husband.

I am blessed to be his better half. Blessed beyond words at how much he loves me. Blessed to be entrusted to his care, guidance, and friendship. Blessed to be the one taking care of him. My husband is a very simple man who rarely complains. A dreamer, a doer, a problem solver and a very good provider. Never did I hear him say the words, ‘no solution and no option’. To him, everything  can be solved and dealt with. Everything and everyone has an option. That there is always a yes and a no available for everyone. He is a man who has very simple needs. A lover of knowledge and technology, he is my personal walking encyclopedia and tech support. In short, he revels being our family’s certified nerd. 🙂 He is totally my exact opposite yet still we have found our own language of love. I am truly blessed to be spending the rest of my life with him.


Photo taken Christmas Eve last year.


Self Love 365 day 51

Day 51 – my nieces and nephews


Today’s self love is dedicated to my nieces and nephews. I am blessed to be an Auntie to eighteen beautiful boys and girls. The oldest at 27 and youngest at 4 months. I have enjoyed beautiful kisses, long hugs and the funniest conversations with these kids. Blessed to be given the opportunity to be their Aunt, to be entertained by their different personalities, to be able available to them as a second parent and to have loved them unconditionally.