Self Love 365 Day 19

Day 19 – glasses


Yep, I am welcoming myself to those bunch of ladies who now has to wear reading glasses. I have one in our bedroom and another one in my temporary art space. I think I’ll get another one for my bag. Can you see the drift here? I think I’m making a career over wearing reading glasses. lol No, its just that I do not want to put eyeglass holders in my reading glasses and hang them over my neck when not in use. Too early to be in that league, too early to be called grandma. I can still boogie baby!


6 thoughts on “Self Love 365 Day 19

  1. Sweet little sketch. I have worn glasses permanently since I was 14. I have to wear them all the time. Lately, however, I have been wondering if I need bifocals. That is something I would like to resist. Bifocals just scream middle age to me.

    • Thank you. When I had my eyes examined, the doctor said I needed bifocals but I resisted and told her just the reading glasses. But maybe I have to consider bifocals if and when I decide to drive again. Oh well, lets just see but I hope not in the near future.

  2. I have about six pairs of reading glasses – two prescription and some magnified ones. They are tucked about all over the house and in various bags and the car. You never know when someone will hand you something to read in size 2 font!!

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