Believing in my own Magic

This week’s inspirational quote for Colour Me Positive is – “believe in yourself and magic will happen”. Getting the cue from my word for this year, I made a simple page using collage and washi tapes. I have never been comfortable with using collage elements in any of my journal pages or paintings. I don’t know why but today I did try tearing off some papers from an old book, adhered them onto my page and when dry stamped the image from one of my Julie Nutting stamps. Then there is the washi tape issue. I love washi tapes, I do. I have some very colorful ones and love looking at them. Yup, you read it right, I love looking at them but using them on my pages, well lets just say I am also not comfortable with it. Why? I also do not know. I guess I have been used to using the things that I know how to use, things that I am comfortable seeing in my journal pages and paintings, used to what is pleasing in my eyes. Maybe that’s it, otherwise, I’m speechless. So, going back to my journal page, I found that I was excited to try collage. Even with just a few strips of paper, I found the activity relaxing. Also, when I stamped my image on top of the dried collage pieces, there was an instant contrast and I could now see three layers from my gessoed page. Magic. Then I took three coordinating colors of my washi tape and chose three sites where I would place them. I handcut two of the washi tapes in the middle since they are thick. I loved the jagged edges tearing the tape in the middle had produced. Instant texture. Another magic. Lastly, I colored my doll’s dress using inktense blacks, gel pens for her hair and headband and used stamps to incorporate the week’s quote.




2 thoughts on “Believing in my own Magic

  1. I am so glad you tried new things this week in your journal as it has paid dividends. I am rather fond of using collage, especially text paper, but I have to get better at it. An art journal is a good place to experiment and learn.

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