Self Love 365 Day 18

Day 18 – books


Today I have been contemplating of getting myself a new book. For the past two years I have been contented reading from the tablet Hubs gave me. I like how I could alter the fonts from the electronic device to suit my needs. I also like that with just one device I have almost all the books I love, have read and are still planning to read. One device fits them all as I usually tell Hubs. But sometimes like today I long to hold a real book, smell and touch the pages and take a peek at the ending. Old school Hubs tells me. That coming from someone who have filled two big bookshelves in our 14 years together. I on the other hand only brought in three of my best nursing books, a couple of mixed media books and some books given by my favorite cousin. Today, I brought out an old book from Brene Brown that I got from the Big Bad Wolf Book Fair last year at KL. I will let my senses take me to the time I used to hold and read real books. My all time favorite author is Barbara Taylor Bradford. I grew up reading her Woman of Substance series. In my tablet, I am currently reading Private India from James Patterson and Β the last sequel of Tahere Mafi’s Shatter Me series. Later tonight, I will be with Brene Brown reading Daring Greatly.



10 thoughts on “Self Love 365 Day 18

  1. Enjoy your books! I have always preferred to read the printed book and to feel and smell the paper every time I turn a page. I’m still in the middle of “A Dance of Dragons” and trying hard to finish it before Season 6 of GOT starts. I’ve also started reading “Agnes Grey” by Anne Bronte and I’m mid-way A.S. Byatt’s “The Biographer’s Tale.” Yes, I tend to read 2 to 3 books on a certain time frame. Although this isn’t the case when I was younger. I used to read and finish one novel per day. Haha. 😎

  2. I think I’m too used to the sight, touch, smell of real books to be seduced by an electronic reader Carrie – I still prefer looking at my book shelves, searching for a particular volume – even while worrying it may not be there because I’ve had so many book disposing clean outs recently……. This actually happened last night and I was so happy when I saw the slim volume waiting patiently for me to sight her πŸ™‚ My eldest daughter has kept many of my favourite books from my childhood. She has such a passion for books and cannot bear to let them go and I am always encouraging her to be brave and get rid of them πŸ™‚ Sometimes I can see an electronic reader would be quite a good thing to have!

    • Oh Pauline if only we have a home of our own maybe then I could consider ditching the device and get myself physical books again. I love re-reading my books, holding them and smelling the papers. As of now that is still a dream and we are working on having our own place and when that happens I hope my device dies a natural death if not, it will surely be given to a niece or nephew.

  3. I love books. However, when we were processing our possessions ahead of emigrating, I realized I had accumulated too many. We had thousands of books. There were book cases in every room of the house, including the family bathroom and the hall ways. Donating so many books was an incredibly difficult process. Now if I want to read fiction I either borrow from the library (now we have access to a decent sized library) or buy an e-book. I tend to buy non-fiction in paperback still as my husband and I will both read those books, often multiple times, and I buy physical children’s books. Where I’m naughty is that every trip to the library sees me coming home with at least one second hand book. My shelves are filling up again.

    • Moving always poses a big problem when you have a lot of things that are dear to you, isn’t it? That was the reason why I opted to get an electronic device for my books. With the available small homes that we were renting before it was difficult to bring all of our books. Since Hubs had more and is the one working, we compromised that I’ll have the e-reader and he has some of his physical books. Letting go of these beloved books was another problem, but we had to. Some went to friends and others went to a high school an Aunt owns.

  4. I like the smell of vintage books. I don’t know if it was the paper or the ink used, but the pages smell like soap to me. I love flipping through my collection of vintage children’s books.

    • That’s good to know. My grandmother has vintage books that are with my elder cousin now. I get to touch and smell them when I visit her. They smell of my grandmother’s perfume.

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