Self Love 365 Day 16

Day 16 – sunflower


My mind and heart are still in the reminiscing mood. This time its the sunflowers that line the long road going to the University of the Philippines. My father would often talk about the University he went for college and the sunken garden where families go and have picnics and play every Sunday. Since we lived in one of  the northern provinces when I was young, it was a rare occasion that we pass by the long University road as a short cut to go and visit my Mother’s big family in the south. But I was always in awe of the beautiful big sunflowers, the color yellow and wishing that we would frequent the place and one day explore it as a family. Unfortunately, we never did. I only got to do that when my husband who also studied in the same University took me there for a run, breakfast and a visit to my closest Uncle. I had one of the best fun runs, running the long University roads with its sunflowers was bliss.


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