Self Love 365 Day 11

Day 11 – alphabet


I think the alphabet is something people never ponder upon. We learned the alphabet from our parents, from television, tapes and other materials our parents used to help us learn and eventually from school. According to wiki, the Filipino alphabet comprises of 28 letters though I was used to the Abakada alphabet when I was still in elementary school.  As as child, I had sung the alphabet song with the children in Sesame Street. As a teenager, I was eager to practice my calligraphy using my speedball lettering set given by my Papa. As a young adult, I memorized and used different abbreviations when I was studying and practicing my profession And now, as an adult, I am still abbreviating words formed using the alphabet to communicate via a text message or through chat. I have evolved so as how I use the alphabet in my life. I often refer to them as merely, a b c and never as alphabet thus the artwork. And who would imagine that I would one day be marrying someone having the initials of a b c.


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