Self Love 365 Day 8

Day 8 – the number 8


Why the number 8?

  • because it signifies the month of August and it is one of our most celebrated month of the year.
  • both Hubs and I share August as our birth month
  • we became sweethearts on Hub’s birthday in 2000 but chose the month of May to tie the knot in 2001
  • 10 birthday celebrants within my big family
  • a cousin is nicknamed Ocho which in Spanish means eight
  • and I did this inchie today, my eighth day doing self love 365

What a way to celebrate the number 8.





2 thoughts on “Self Love 365 Day 8

  1. What a lovely little work of art that contains so much significance for you. I like that you and your husband became a couple on his birthday as my husband and I had our first kiss on my 18th birthday so every year my birthday is also one of our anniversaries.

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