Self Love 365 Day 6

Day 6 – be different


Being different is always, always great. But what do I mean with being different? Well, for me, being different is simply being who you are. Accepting and embracing oneself is already difficult enough to do. Most times, we hated ourselves when we were younger though hopefully as we grow older we get to understand the reason/s why. I am glad to share that I’ve had my own share of struggles in my own journey of knowing, accepting and embracing who I really am. I still have a ton of questions, who doesn’t. But I have come to love the person that I am because I have learned to peel my own layers like an onion and dissect each layer with an open mind and a loving heart.

Aren’t you glad you are different?


2 thoughts on “Self Love 365 Day 6

  1. I love that little onion core in the centre and the way its rings are contrasted with the colourful squares. Again, I am amazed by what you can achieve in such a small space. As I am always saying to my kids, wouldn’t the world be an incredibly boring place if we were all the same?

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