Self Love 365 Day 4

Day 4 – create


I tried my best to draw an eraser, a black pen and my mechanical pencil. The eraser turned out looking not like an eraser but more of a dirt, my black pen looked okay but on the needs to be improved bin and lastly my mechanical pencil looked like a syringe. I am giving myself a good laugh as I am typing this post. I am a beginner with sketching and in my little way, like these inchies for self love 365, I hope this daily 30 minute art time will help me improve, accept the things I could not do and continue the journey with a happy heart and a fervent love of art.

2 thoughts on “Self Love 365 Day 4

  1. I think you are being way too hard on yourself given the scale you are working at. I immediately saw that shape as an eraser, a putty eraser to be precise, and saw the pen and pencil for what they are too.

    • That was a relief. I had a good walk after my post yesterday and I also thought that I was being to hard on myself. Its my first time to do inchies and I know I should be playing and not hammering myself to perfection. The perfectionist in me always shows up whenever I journal, I should learn to put her in her place so I can enjoy play time.

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