One Word, Inchies and more

A few days after our post Christmas and New Year celebrations, I caught a flu like bug. It started with my brother who we guessed got it from his place of work and since we both share our Mother’s house, it was inevitable for me and Hubs to get the bug as well. On top of that I was caught in a downward spiral and was near panic because I have an obsessive compulsive behaviour.

A lot of things were happening simultaneously and I could not cope with them. A lot of things which for some people are/were ordinary events in life which they can just shrug off and let go but not me. I always should be on top of things and have a control over almost everything. Such a control freak I am. And because of this and feeling sick, I was not able to finish any art work. The only thing/s I struggled to finish was/were my one little word for this year and few smaller art projects we call as inchies.

I got a medium sized moleskine sketchbook to use as a diy planner and art journal using the weekly prompts of Colour Me Positive of Lulu Art. I placed my one little word at the back of the cover of my planner/journal to remind me everyday to live, see things, make things and evaluate things simply. Thus my one little word for this year is – Simplify.


Used faber castel polychromos ,blended it with regular johnson’s baby oil and sealed it with golden polymer varnish.

Another wonderful journey will appear in my medium sized planner/journal. It is a project I stumbled upon from the blog of Belinda Fireman, Self Love 365. The project is to do art in a 1 in. x 1 in. size square daily. Instead of using a big paper as my substrate for this year long project, I am incorporating the squares in the planner side of my sketchbook. Here are my first 3 inchie art for the first three days of this month.

Self Love 365

Year 1 Day 1 – three stars and a heart


Year 1 Day 2 – hope


Year 1 Day 3 – queen for a day


I have posted this photos over at Instagram as well using the hashtag #selflove365

On a different note – I gave myself a good laugh when I was contemplating of what projects I would eventually start and commit too for this year. I had a long list of to do projects from my last year’s but as I was coloring in my one word for this year, it suddenly downed on me that the list I did last year was too rigid. I was too hard on myself. I wanted to ride a speedy car to progress and development sacrificing the learning process and happiness this art journey is giving me. So, I chose to simplify my projects and go with the flow of what my heart is telling me. I will not impose unnecessary art heartaches and deadlines on myself anymore. But I will not just sit and make art that won’t help me grow. I am a student of life as well as art, so I guess quizzes and periodical exams are a must to help me move forward.

I still have another project I plan to do for this year, and that is Stephanie Ackerman’s Documented Faith. My heart and soul is singing praises when I stumbled upon this project. Apparently it started last year and fortunately it continues on until this year for free. Lets see where this new adventure will take me and my faith.

Hope you are having a fabulous Sunday everyone!

4 thoughts on “One Word, Inchies and more

  1. i hope you are feeling better. Getting sick like you did is like your whole life just stops until you get better. We have had a lot of students go home sick. (Im a teacher). LOVE your letters in Simplify!!!

    • I am feeling better, thank you Jade. I increased my fluid intake and got more sleep. Those activities helped a lot in my recovery. Thanks also for appreciating my lettering. I am trying my best to learn and discover my own lettering and it has been fun.

  2. I love what you did with your word! It looks so fantastic and joyful. I don’t use pencils much because I don’t know how to blend them or get a smooth finish. I will have to try the baby oil technique. I LOVE your inchies! I’ve worked on twinchies and found it challenging enough to work on that scale. I’m so impressed with what you’ve produced at that small scale. Well done with recognizing what you have to do in order to progress with your art without layering on stress.

    • Thank you very much Laura. Your feedback and support are always, always appreciated. Coloring with pencils take time and it has taught me a lot about patience. I am a very impatient person and taking up colored pencils brought both frustration and joy to my heart. Now, every time I decide to use my pencils, I give myself 3-5 days to finish something. That way I don’t rush things and get frustrated in the process. Blending the colors with baby oil is my icing on the cake. I already love the rawness of the scratches the pencils give and sometimes I just leave it that way. Though the smoothness the baby oil brings always wins. I hope you’ll give it a try and see how it works for you. I never knew creating with inchies will bring instant gratitude to my daily life. I don’t overthink about it and just play. Most times I get intimidated with the size but I remind myself that its just a small square and it does not bite.

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