Self Love 365 Day 24

Day 24 – being 45


Its been five months since I turned 45. I am basically in the category of middle age. Middle age according to wiki¬†starts at age 45 to 65. I am not all worried by it, on the other hand, I am rather welcoming this stage of my life. There will be challenges, of course, but those are part of one’s life and on the journey of growing old gracefully. I live by the words of one of my favorite novelist, C.S. Lewis, ‘You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream’.



Self Love 365 Day 23

Day 23 – human spirit


Today, self love is all about the human spirit. My human spirit. I have been through a lot  and had learned a lot but still, there is more out there that needs to be understood, learned, and accepted. We all travel different paths and had encountered different obstacles, we struggle on or might have given up, we may choose to move forward or be stuck at where we are. Its our choice, its our life. For me, I chose to move forward, show up, hope for the good and be positive and most of all, drink in and accept what is and what was.

Self Love 365 Day 22

Day 22 – the idiot box


Or as we know it, the television. This piece of technology like the telephone had transformed into a variety of ways I cannot even count. I remember the time when I was living with my father’s parents in the province, I would sit on the floor in front of my grandfather’s bed and together we would watch old english movies in black and white. My grandfather from time to time would ask me to adjust the television’s antenna for good signal and if he would ask me to change the channel, his famous words would be ‘chak, chak’. He coined those words for us grandchildren. Those were the days I spent bonding with my grandfather. Those were the days were having a black and white box means you can afford luxury and changing channels was still manually done. How time flew. Now the idiot box comes in the form of a flat screen transmitting sound and moving images in color and so much more.